Intuity® Mix Platform

Intuity® Mix1 is a platform offering  automated preparation devices dedicated to:

  • • lyophilized and powder drugs,
  • • liquid/liquid mixing,
  • • suspensions of nano to micro particles,
  • • emulsions,
  • • cell-therapy.


intuitymixeveon 1500x1121

Our custom-made solutions are built around the pharmaceutical industry own primary containers, vial, cartridge, and syringe from microliters to hundreds milliliters with unique benefits:

  • Intuitiveness: Minimum component handling and minimum training
  • Safety: no needle handling during preparation
  • Time saving for the medical professional and/or the patient : i.e.from 10 steps for preparation to only 2
  • Operator independence : to insure perfect homogeneity and dosage repeatability
  • Maximized Return-On-Investment by reducing product loss by 50%
  • Improve patient confort by allowing homecare treatment instead of hospital care

This medical device recieved a Pharmapack Europe Award 2016, with the special distinction "Convenience and Easy of use" (read more).

 1 Intuity® Lyo developped by EVEON was the first of several devices designed for the Intuity® Mix platform.

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