New developments and range broadened

Over the course of 2021, EVEON made significant developments and broadened its range.

EVEON made numerous project achievements in 2021 in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies. It looks like another promising year ahead for the company as it is carried forward by its dynamism and its innovations for better therapeutic compliance.

EVEON made significant developments and broadened its range, which is spread across three technology families: Intuity® Mix for standardising preparation, Intuity® Ject for automated administration, and Intuity® Spray for controlled administration of mists/sprays. Each family is made up of various solutions that are tailored to the formulations, primary containers (syringes, cartridges, vials), preparation requirements such as soft mixtures, and administrationfrom microdoses to multidoses.

In addition, EVEON received the Pharmapack award in October 2021 for its Intuity® Spray device, which enables controlled administration of a mist of fine droplets. The patented spray nozzle Ad-MistTM, a high-tech component of this device, can also be connected to a syringe using a luer for manual administration. This innovation meets the strongly increasing demand for this spray mode of administration, which allowed EVEON to break into new strategic areas of activity in the fourth quarter of 2021.

EVEON’s teams have successfully developed and created a range of Intuity® platforms to match the evolutions in medical needs. All of the parameters such as the dilution, the injection rate or the process time, and the injected dose, have been automated to give patients and medical personnel very precise, standardised, reproducible, preparation and delivery. 2021 was a year of new developments and access to new markets, and we are enthusiastic about the outlook for 2022,” stated Vincent TEMPELAERE, CEO of EVEON.

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