Ad-Mist™ to deliver a mist of fine droplets

Ad-Mist™ is an airless spray nozzle that can be used to produce fine droplets in the form of a mist, which enables new routes of administration for better patient compliance.

With unique benefits:

  • • to deliver a mist of fine droplets of about 20 microns in diameter
  • • adapted to viscous formulations, including high viscosity  up to 8.000 Pa·s 
  • • controlled flowrate and dosage for precise administration of doses from 15µL to several mL
  • • favouring absorption by mucous membranes
  • • painless with low impact pressure
  • • easy-to-use and repeatable thanks to its unique electronic and fluidic characteristics

Ad-Mist™ can be connected to a syringe via a Luer, for continuous, manual administration of the spray. If precise control of administration is required, this spray nozzle can be integrated into the Intuity® Spray automatic medical device.


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