Intuity® Ject Platform

Intuity® Ject is an all-in-one platform which provides automated preparation and delivery of complex drugs such as lyophilised and powdered formulations, highly viscous materials, multi-component preparations, suspensions of micro and nanoparticles,...

According to your needs, EVEON offers a custom solution Intuity® Ject µD for delivery of micro doses, Intuity® Ject HV for delivery of highly viscous products and Intuity® Ject MX for preparation and delivery. 

With unique benefits:

Adapted to industry standard primary containers, including vials, cartridges and syringes
Thin needle to minimize pain
Accurate dosage and controlled injection of viscous drug, up to 100 cps
Controlled flow rate from infusion to bolus injection
Zero force activation
• Time saving for healthcare professionals and/or patients: i.e.from 12 steps for preparation to only 4
• Better compliance: e-device with data tracking, notification.


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