Intuity® Mix Platform

Intuity® Mix is a fully automated smart device technology platform for the preparation of complex drugs, such as lyophilised and powdered formulations, highly viscous materials, multi-component preparations, suspensions of micro and nanoparticles,...

According to your needs, EVEON offers a custom solution Intuity®  Mix Sbased system using PFS, syringe or cartridge as primary containers or Intuity®  Mix P, with disposable piston pump for gentle mixing and large volume preparation.

With unique benefits:

  • Accuracy: prepare standardised doses, microdoses with a very high degree of accuracy
  • Compatibility: with existing or preferred primary containers and final administration containers, including syringes, vials, cartridges, bags and bottles
  • Intuitiveness: minimum component handling and minimum training
  • Safety: no needle handling during preparation, data tracking
  • Time saving for the medical professional and/or the patient: -65% time
  • Operator independence: to ensure perfect homogeneity and dosage repeatability
  • Maximized Return-On-Investment with 18% overfill savings
  • Improve patient confort by allowing homecare treatment instead of hospital care
  • • Better compliance: e-device with data tracking, notification.


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