Solutions according to your needs

EVEON provides innovative solutions for the development of automatic, safe and connected medical devices to facilitate the preparation and administration of therapeutic treatments and thus, to improve patients' quality of life. 
202202 inuity mix

202202 inuity mix

202202 inuity mix

EVEON can develop according to your needs custom solutions based on Intuity® platforms:

  • • from initial design and development, through industrialization to commercial-scale manufacturing and supply;
  • • with digital features to enable patients to stay connected with healthcare professionals for better compliance;
  • • adapted to various therapeutic areas, such as immuno-oncologynuclear medicineaesthetic, neurology, ophthalmology, hematology, respiratory, etc.


🚀 Discover each platform with their specific features and advantages:
Intuity® Mix   -   Intuity® Ject   -   Intuity® Spray 




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