Intuity® Spray Platform

Intuity® Spray is a medical device that allows easy and precise spray or mist delivery of various drugs. This innovative medical device offers a very accurate airless spray or mist delivery for a large range of liquids and gels dedicated to specific applications such as respiratory, dermatology and oral.

Thanks to its fluidic and electronic features, Intuity® Spray is a custom-made solution that provides a safe and efficient solution for precise spray or mist delivery with optimum results:

  • Accurate dosage: control of flow rate and dosage, precise delivery of small dose on large surface area
  • Safe: non-contact delivery, non-invasive solution, airless / propellant free, soft and gentle spray or mist
  • Easy-to-use: automated or assisted delivery for pratictionner, and delivery to limited access area to improve treatment
  • 20211012 intuity spray 300Compact and universal: adapted to standard primary containers (pre-filled syringes, cartridges) for unidose or multidose delivery.

Intuity® Spray is composed of a reusable device, and disposable and sterile spray nozzle. In addition, digital and connectivity features such as data tracking, data sharing and drug recognition can be added.