New industrial partnership agreement in oncology

EVEON reaches a major milestone in its development by signing a new industrial partnership agreement in oncology.
The company design an innovative medical device for cancer treatment in the framework of the "CARAT" project which is aimed at developing a French network of excellence in nuclear medicine.

EVEON, designer and manufacturer of medical devices for the preparation and/or administration of medicines signed, in october 2015, of a new partnership in the framework of the CARAT (Consortium for Applications in Alpha Radiotherapy) project, aimed at developing a French network of excellence in nuclear medicine.

Within CARAT, EVEON, in collaboration with AREVA Med, will design, develop and manufacture a secure, innovative automated system for the production of lead-212 for treatment by radio-immunotherapy of certain particularly aggressive cancers against which the current armamentarium is limited.

"We are proud to use our competences to serve in the development of a new and promising network, and we are pleased that AREVA Med and the other members of the consortium have placed their trust in us. This agreement reinforces EVEON's position as a major name in oncology. This is yet another instance where it is recognized for its expertise in the development of automated solutions for the preparation and administration of medicines. Cancer treatment is experiencing a revolution thanks to the availability of new targeted treatments. EVEON intends to play a major role in this transition by providing secure, precise and ergonomic technology which is beneficial to medical professionals and patients", explains Vincent Tempelaere, CEO of EVEON.

"The successful development of this new network will also be based on the simplicity and sturdiness of the treatment preparation process, and we are happy with this partnership with EVEON whose dynamism and expertise are now recognized in these fields." indicates Patrick Bourdet, President of AREVA Med.

The CARAT project - A consortium for Applications in Alpha Radiotherapy
Labelled by the Lyonbiopôle and Atlanpole Biothérapies competitive clusters, this project is financed for up to 9.6 million euros as part of the PIA (French Future Investment Program) run by the CGI (French General Investment Commission) and operated by BPIFrance.

The CARAT consortium is run by AREVA Med, an AREVA subsidiary created in 2009 whose activities are focussed on the development of new treatments against cancer. CARAT also regroups the French SME, Triskem International (Brittany) as well as 3 academic partners: the Limoges CHU (University Hospital Centre), the University of Limoges with the CRIBL laboratory (CNRS, UMR 7276) and Subatech (CNRS, UMR 6457). The consortium's objective is to develop a French network for lead-212 production and treatments that use this rare metal to care for cancers against which the current armamentarium is limited. 

Press contact: Vincent Tempelaere +33 476 414 833
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